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About us

With our strong technical strength, professional customer service.,

Jiangmen Shongli Rearview Mirror Industrial specializes in designing,developing and producing various types of rearview mirrors,led lamp and wiper which was established in 1992. Now we have developed more than 560 different kinds of products for Mercedes Benz,Scania,Volvo,DAF,Hino,Isuzu,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Hyundai,Kia and so on. All of our products are produced by a series of advanced equipments and high quality materials.

We occupied more than 30000 square meters and have more than 500 employees.Also, Our products sell to all around the world. We would like to offer you the best product and service.

How can we guarantee the quality? All new product will be tested by striking test machines,shaking test machine,droping weight impact testers,replectivity test machines,high-low temperature moist heat chambers and salt spray corrosion test chambers.

Background of – SHILIDUO
1. Major manufacture of Rearview mirror.LED lamp. Wiper blade
2.  SHILIDUO  and    SL    famous brand not only in china,but also in over sea market.
3. More than 15 years experience supplying truck mirrors.
4. 30000 sqm production and 500 workers turning out 45,000 units daily.
5. More than 30 member R&D team

Introduction of our production
1. Rearview Mirror
Traditional business with more than 15 years experience.Fomous for it’s
SL  brand with nearly 250 different products incluing for European truck
2. LED lamp
Extend business and got a good development of our company. We built up LED lamp in 2012 and registered our new brand  SHILIDUO   . it stands for the high quality products for all consumers.
3. Wiper blade
Wiper balde series belong to  SHILIDUO   . It is dedicated to be the manufacturer of high quality wiper blade.